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Case studies

If you are looking for professional IT consultants to handle all your IT needs, get in touch with Bishop Consultancy UK Ltd. We provide cost-effective and efficient solutions. Have a look at our case studies below to get a feel of the work we have carried out. You rely on us for everything from network diagnosis to wireless surveys. Call us today to get a free quote. 
Case studies

Our success stories

St Martins School, Hutton, Essex
St Martin’s needed a Network Manager urgently while they recruited a replacement for the last manager. Kevin stepped in and took the reins on the busy lead up to the summer break. He helped complete a managed wireless deployment including rolling out BYOD and he was responsible for managing the IT support team, assisted with day-to-day decision making, assessing and maintaining the IT budget, managing IT contracts and renewals, liaising with the finance department and recruiting the new IT manager and handing over the reins.

DNA Insurance Ltd.
As Acting IT Director Kevin is responsible for assisting with all IT related decisions, project management, assisting with and overseeing deployment of all IT changes. Planning and designing solutions to resolve all challenges including day-to-day administration and data connectivity with a large number of partner businesses and managing teams of developers to implement new systems. 

Ernest Doe & Sons Ltd. 
As IT Consultant, Kevin Bishop put an IT Strategy and Roadmap document in place addressing infrastructure, security and administration. He then went on to help with all aspects of implementing the roadmap in particular in helping replace our ERP system. He was instrumental in product selection, evaluation through to project management and deployment.
He also provided cover during the absence of our IT manager and continues to be a useful sounding board for IT decision making.

Helping to plan and structure data from an old database into a format suitable to importing to a new database.
Gayness School

Case studies

Gayness School
Kevin Bishop was instrumental in identifying the source of interference affecting large areas covered by the wireless network within the school, preventing reliable connection to the network. He also assists in addressing the interference and working with our partners to identify, test and remove the issue. The network is now usable throughout the school as it should have been from the outset, with minimal expenditure.

Pumo Ltd.
In the role of Acting IT Director, Kevin has helped the business address a number of issues around website development, maintenance, hosting and internet connectivity. Kevin continues to be a useful reference for any ongoing IT questions and issues.

Sprint integration - Case study 1:
Our customer in London suffered a hardware failure on a multiplexor on a leased line connection to Aberdeen. The client could not find any company, including the big telecom companies, prepared to investigate as the equipment was so old. The client was investigating options for replacement but was not ready to proceed just yet. Kevin agreed to investigate, based on past experience with similar equipment. He identified the issue as a hardware failure at the Aberdeen end, travelled to Aberdeen and managed to repair the old multiplexor using spare parts available on the customer site. He also liaised with the telecom provider when they repeatedly failed to resolve issues on the leased line, expediting the resolution.

Sprint integration - Case study 2:
We asked Kevin to visit one of our customers who was experiencing a number of unusual network issues, but whenever we investigated the issues, they seemed to disappear. As an independent consultant, Kevin liaised directly with the customer and visited the site. He was able to identify several potential issues affecting the server and gave us some areas to focus our resources on, while also helping to manage the expectations of a frustrated customer. The network is now running more reliably and the customer is a lot happier.
"I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin Bishop and his company, Bishop Consultancy, for over ten years. I find Kevin, and those who work for him, to be consistently professional, timely and knowledgeable in providing for our clients as well as our own networking needs.
We have a long successful history of working together within a vast area of business ranging from education to corporate to the NHS.

Kevin has always provided our clients with an invaluable service including expert independent guidance and advice on computer networking. I highly recommend Kevin Bishop and Bishop Consultancy without reservation!”
-Ron Leslie, Scotech Cabling Solutions Ltd
If you are looking for reliable IT consultants in and around Essex, get in touch with the experts at Bishop Consultancy UK Ltd 
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