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Network planning, network diagnostics and much more in and around Essex, Suffolk and Kent. Speak to our experts today to find out more about our services and get a free consultation. 


Give your business an edge with professional IT consultancy services from Bishop Consultancy UK Ltd. We can help you with network diagnosis, wireless surveys and network design. Read through our FAQs to get a better idea of what we do. 

Can you fix any computer or network problem?
Not necessarily, but we have been managing the resolution of computer & network problems for over 25 years, if we cannot fix it directly, we can usually expedite the resolution.
Some problems need to be resolved by third parties, like Microsoft or British Telecom. Bishop Consultancy will act as your single point of contact taking ownership of the problem and managing its resolution. We will liaise with all third parties or with your own in-house IT team to help resolve the issue.

I am the IT manager, will you make me look bad?
Absolutely not!
Our job is to make the IT department look good by:
  • Helping to resolve outstanding issues
  • Helping to reduce future issues
  • Helping to set the right IT budgets (not too high or too low)
It would be much more difficult to fix most issues without the help and support of the IT team, who know the network, site, users and infrastructure better than anybody. Typically an IT department will have an excellent understanding of the in-house systems, what we will add is experience of working on many other networks in many other industry sectors.
If you feel you require it, we have experience in mentoring inexperienced IT technicians and managers. Often asking the right questions can help the customer to structure the issues in such a way that they can suddenly see the resolution themselves.

Can you find all interference affecting my wireless network?
No. Interference is often beyond the control of the customer.
Our test equipment can only see interference while that interference is present. Sources of interference may be intermittent.

What geographical area do you cover?
We cover the whole of the UK, but it really depends on the scale of the issue and how much time is required on site.
We typically cover the southeast; Essex, Suffolk & Kent, but can easily travel to Norfolk, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Surrey, Hampshire etc.

What industry sectors do you specialise in?
We have experience in supporting and advising businesses in Banking, Trading Floors, Insurance, Education, Local Government, Healthcare, Legal, Farming, Construction, Agriculture, Accountancy, Shipping, Recruitment, Call Centres, Design, Manufacturing, Retail, Sales, Web Design, other IT services and many more.
We have worked with so many different businesses that it doesn’t take long to establish the unique requirements of sectors we may be unfamiliar with.
That said, two businesses in the same sector can use their IT in very different ways!

What size business networks do you support?
 We offer a personal and professional service to all our clients irrespective of the size of the business or network.
Generally speaking, very small networks do not typically require external consultants. Very large networks are often already supported by a team of experts.
Where our services are most effective is on networks from 5 devices to 2000 devices, but this is by no means a ‘limit’.

Why should I trust a small consultancy rather than a large organisation?
At Bishop Consultancy, customers are the focal point of everything we do. We meet with our customers frequently, take the time to fully understand their needs and make sure we provide an efficient and first class service. As a small company we are flexible and approachable and make sure we are available when you need us to be.
Large organisations often have experts in specific fields, who know their subjects fully, but if the issue covers more than one ‘field’, you may require more than one expert. This could result in lengthy delays whilst ‘experts’ are liaising with each other. Bishop Consultancy have expertise in switches, routing, firewalls and servers – which means we are a single point of contact for all areas of expertise.

Are you truly independent?
We have no ties with any suppliers or manufacturers.
We do have preferences for hardware, but these are based on past experience as opposed to any association with a supplier.

Will you supply a one-stop-shop (recommend, supply, install and support)?
Yes. Supplying hardware could be said to affect our independence, so we are more than happy to supply if requested, but generally we will refer the customer to a trusted supplier.

Will you give a fixed price for consultancy, design or diagnostic work?
Generally no, as it is very difficult to know what the solution is and how long it will take until the consultancy, design or diagnostics have been completed.
However, we will provide a guide of how long we hope it will take and will agree and set a cap or review progress at regular intervals.
When working to a set amount of time there is a risk that short-cuts will be required, which could affect the speed and quality of the solution.

Will you tell me what to do?
Generally no.
Our job is to provide the customer with the options and the information they need to make the right decision.
We will help and advise at all stages.
We can help:
  • Identify and isolate the issue(s)
  • Narrow down the options
  • Make sure the customer fully understands all the options
  • Assist with the decision making process
  • Oversee the implementation
What makes you such an expert?
From our lead consultant and managing director:
"I have been supporting computers and networks and managing teams of IT support technicians and consultants for over 25 years, both working for large corporations and working for myself.
If I am expert at anything, it would be ‘solving problems’, I chose to apply myself to computers and networks, but so long as I have access to information on how it works, and access to the rights skills and resources to apply the fix, I can fix or expedite a fix for most things.
I have a background in electronics and have built microprocessors, programmed microprocessors directly with assembly language and dissembled network traffic at all levels. I have spent vast amounts of time interfacing different systems electronically and programmatically. I have a very deep understanding of how computers and networks work at the lowest level, which helps to diagnose and resolve most problems.
Having run my own business for the past 20 years and working closely with managers and directors in my customer’s businesses, I acutely understand the priorities and pressures driving managers and directors.
I can combine a sound understanding of business with a wealth of experience in supporting IT systems, networks and staff."
-Kevin Bishop
“Bishop Consultancy has been instrumental in the development and delivery of our infrastructure and Disaster Recovery projects, as well as providing ongoing sound and reliable advice and support to our in-house IT support team.”
-Bassam Shlewet, Chairman TTT Moneycorp Ltd
For efficient network planning that will cut down on costs for your business in Essex, contact Bishop Consultancy UK Ltd 
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