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Professional IT Consultancy services in Essex & Suffolk

Information Technology is of paramount importance to all companies these days. However most companies do not handle it efficiently. Contact Bishop Consultancy UK Ltd for professional IT consultancy services in Essex, Suffolk and the surrounding counties. 

Trust in the experts 

IT needs to be entrusted to a professional with the skills and knowledge to be able to plan, design, install and support the complex IT systems, with integrated cloud services, smart phones, internet telephony etc. Many a time, businesses may entrust their IT services to various third parties. They are often misled, and end up paying high bills, while the supplier reduces his risk and increases profits. 
IT consultancy

A second opinion

Sometimes an IT company may recommend certain solutions and systems, because they are new in the market, and this gives the IT company the opportunity to experiment and play with these new "toys". At Bishop Consultancy UK Ltd, we can be an independent reviewer and give you a reliable second opinion which will enable you to make your own decision about what your company really needs. 
IT solutions

Experience and knowledge

Armed with years of experience and vast knowledge, Bishop Consultancy UK Ltd is what you need when you decide to go for professional IT consultancy services. In other words, we can become your Virtual IT Manager or Director. Getting the right help and the right time can save you a lot of money and help you avoid costly mistakes. 
"Kevin Bishop put an IT Strategy and Roadmap document in place addressing infrastructure, security and administration. He then went on to help with all aspects of implementing the roadmap in particular in helping replace our ERP system. He was instrumental in product selection, evaluation through to project management and deployment.

He also provided cover during the absence of our IT manager and continues to be a useful sounding board for IT decision making."
-Anthony Knight, Ernest Doe & Sons Ltd
For professional IT consultancy services in Essex, contact Bishop Consultancy UK Ltd on 
01449 490 190

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