Wireless Surveys

Wireless Surveys
in Essex & Suffolk

If you are planning to extend your current wireless system or are planning to install a new system for your building. We can undertake a wireless survey of all or part of your building. We serve Essex, Suffolk and the surrounding counties.

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You can rely on Bishop Consultancy UK Ltd for reliable and professional wireless surveys. We can survey the existing wireless network, or place a test access point at selected locations and survey the resulting coverage for range and penetration.
Two access points

Two access points

The survey above is of a very old building with very thick walls and although the image clearly shows two access points, the image was created from separate surveys, each using a single access point.

This image shows the signal strength (in dBm) and coverage provided by utilising just two access points.

Wall thickness prevents a strong signal reaching the top two offices, so consideration would need to be given whether two would be enough. In this case, these rooms were used for storage and kitchens, so no signal was required.
Single channel of 802.11g

Single channel of 802.11g

This image demonstrates interference (in dBm) on one channel of 802.11g. The interference affects 3 channels overall and is strong enough to cause serious connectivity issues in the affected room(s). The source of the interference was easy to locate and could be avoided, or removed. Without the survey, this interference would have caused considerable issues.

We can survey one room, or an entire building or campus, e.g. healthcare or education. You can also rely on us for the planning of new networks based on the test results. 
 "His technical expertise really came into its own as we ironed out the introduction of the new VLAN and his meticulous attention to detail means we now have a better handle on our contract and warranty commitments than we have ever had. The end result has been a more efficient network and better value for money in the long run. Even with new network manager in place we have set aside a portion of the budget for ongoing consultancy requirements in the coming year because Kevin’s knowledge, understanding and experience combine to give speedy resolutions to high level problem solving demands."
-Andrew James, Deputy Headteacher at St. Martin’s School, Brentwood
If you need install a new wireless network for your building in Essex, Suffolk or the surrounding counties, get a wireless survey from Bishop Consultancy UK Ltd. 
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